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At Groove Tiles and Stone, we offer an extensive selection of imported tile and stone products to suit a range of styles. Whether you are looking for bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, or a flooring option for your home or outdoor entertainment area, we have a choice of good quality products available. Browse and shop online or visit our leading-edge showrooms in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.



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Groove Tiles and Stone was founded in 2008. Owners Leo and Terri Barbera share a passion for quality tiles and enjoy being able to provide clients with the latest cutting-edge designs. To assist them, Leo and Terri have carefully selected an excellent  team and have  equipped  them with extensive industry knowledge.

With over 25 years of experience in the tile and stone industry, the team at Groove Tiles and Stone are pleased to offer their expertise and assist you with your search for beautiful tiles. Whether you are starting a project from scratch, or renovating your home, we’re here to offer you inspiration and advice.

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Helping you find the best tile is our priority.

When building or renovating, selecting the tile that is going to cover the majority of your living space is an important decision. The tile you select can define the look and feel of a room and the process to picking your main floor tile can be more involved than what you initially anticipated. Download our guide to learn about the key features and installation costs of different tiles.

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Asian Zen

The Asia Zen style is characterised by balance and calm. It’s a minimalist aesthetic inspired largely by Japanese style design. With its growing popularity, it’s not uncommon to see the look take on a contemporary twist.

When it comes to a colour palette, stick to neutral shades. Cream, white, and grey all work well, while light wood also complements the look. It can also be very effective to create some contrast within your neutral colour palette. Dark wood combines well, for example, with a backdrop of softer, calming neutral shades. If you choose to incorporate any accent colours, keep them warm to balance your neutral palette.

Embrace the beauty of nature by bringing in natural materials and textiles like wood, stone, and natural fabrics. Consider incorporating some plants into your space to elevate the look even further. Make the most of any natural light that you have in your space by leaving windows and glass doors exposed, rather than covered with heavy drapes.



Bohemian Luxe

The Bohemian Luxe trend has taken the design world by storm, and with its mix of creative flair and sophistication, it’s easy to see why. The look is all about having fun with colours and pattern, and balancing a sense of playfulness with luxurious textures — think rich jewel tones, for example, paired with mixed metals and wood. While the Bohemian style is traditionally characterised by an eclectic, relaxed aesthetic, Bohemian Luxe brings in a sense of luxury and elegance.

When it comes to getting the Bohemian Luxe to look right, it’s important to remember that while the aesthetic is laid-back and eclectic, the more elegant approach to the trend requires some structure. Try to keep some design elements modern and sleek, but don’t be afraid to put together some unexpected colours and patterns. Ultimately, you’ll want to balance simplicity with dramatic shades and shapes. Have fun with layers and textures, but be sure to find ways to bring in a sense of harmony, whether with the addition of cool colour, matte metals, or some carefully curated wall art.

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The team at Groove Tiles & Stone is available to help you throughout the process, from concept to completion. Our consultants will gladly provide design and colour selection advice for your home and ensure your tile selection remains within budget.

We also provide a full measure and quote service, assistance with design and laying patterns, technical advice, samples and 3D visual drawings. If there is anything you need help with, please get in touch or to visit one of our showrooms in Brisbane or Southport.