Carmel Spring Villas by Jason Pate

‘Carmel Springs’ is an exquisite villa located in Mermaid Waters, seamlessly blending style and functionality. The architect is Jayson Pate and Interior Designer Nathalie Hailey Interiors played pivotal roles in crafting this masterpiece.

We meticulously selected tiles, including Macchiato Cream matt, Convex Fingers Sage, Convex Fingers Gris, and Mat n More Beige Deco, to grace the bathrooms and laundry, adding a touch of elegant charm.

Nathalie Hailey dedicated herself to delivering top-quality finishes, optimum functionality, and unparalleled uniqueness, all brought to life with the invaluable support of building designer Jayson Pate. Every detail in this project received meticulous attention, achieving a perfect balance of style and comfort.

Collections Used

$11.00 each
$11.00 each
$43.10 per m2
1.44m2 per box
$105.00 per m2
1.125m2 per box