54 Tristania RD, PPI Property Group

Shot by Brocke Beazley Photography | Built by PPI Property Group 

The construction project for the house at 54 Tristan Rd, done by the builder PPI Property Group, used high-quality materials like Marble Tundra Honed tile, Granite Metal Grey, and OZ Rock Melbourne Night. These materials were chosen for their beauty and durability and were carefully put in the house to make it look fancy and stylish. They used Marble tundra-honed tile in places like the main bathroom and outside areas. For a touch of elegance and modern style, Granite Metal Grey was used at the entrance. Lastly, they used OZ Rock Melbourne Night in the fireplace to make a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Collections Used

$139.00 per m2
0.3296m2 per box
$135.35 per m2
0.3721m2 per box
$37.55 per m2
1.08m2 per box