174 Barton Rd by Space Construction

Builder: Space Construction   | Photographer: Stuart Murray Photography  | Designer: Design by Hugo

Our elegant Marmoker Night Storm  | Marmoker Titan White | Star Grey Honed Oyster Silver | Limestone AlexandriaEarth White | and Paradise Oz Rock Pantheon tiles have added a touch of elegance and modernity to the project.

The combination of these different tiles has added texture and depth to the design, while the use of grey and white tones has created a feeling of sophistication and modernity. The natural stone used in the design has added a touch of warmth and a cozy atmosphere to the room.


Collections Used

$45.00 per m2
1.44m2 per box
$123.50 per m2
1.2151m2 per box
$76.00 per m2
1.44m2 per box
$90.95 per m2
0.24m2 per box
$125.00 per m2
0.44m2 per box