Tile Trends for 2024 from Groove Tiles and Stone

Large Format Elegance

Embrace the magnificence of space with our large format slabs from Casalgrande Padana, a trend that continues to redefine modern aesthetics. Picture a serene kitchen adorned with the timeless allure of Marmoker Statuario Grigio Honed 1600x3200x12m slabs, introducing understated elegance to minimalist, cool-toned spaces, and free of toxic materials like silica.


Zente kitchen, Architect: INVILLA Architecture, Builder: Diezel Constructions, Photographer: Dallas Grenenger

Mixed Material Creations

Explore the allure of Metal Mix Mosaics, where glass, metal, and stone converge to create stunning feature walls and backsplashes. This trend adds a dynamic and eclectic touch to various living spaces, turning ordinary surfaces into extraordinary works of art.

Ronmark Constructions, Phoenix Project.

Textured Artistry

Step into a world of tactile delight with textured finishes. Tiles adorned with textured finishes, such as 3D patterns or embossed designs, are gaining popularity, transforming walls and floors into captivating focal points that demand attention.


Dust Sand Decori, Salt Stone Collection from Groove Tiles and Stone

Terracotta Revival

Experience the warmth and rustic charm of our Terracotta tiles, set to make a powerful comeback in 2024. We have seen terracotta colours throughout 2023 on decorative walls. Now get ready to embrace a versatile range of styles for floors and walls. From traditional to contemporary, natural clay terracotta in warm hues, including yellows, oranges, and browns the latest revival for interior and exterior finishes.


Terracotta Manual from Groove Tiles and Stone

Terrazzo Time

Journey through the revival of terrazzo, as the Robusta Collection, a trend that has captivated the design landscape with its timeless appeal. A classic look created by terrazzo tiles is making a comeback with modern reinterpretations.


Robusta Ivory, Robusta Collection from Groove Tiles and Stone.

Return to Vivid Colors

Bold colors take center stage in 2024. Expect a saturation of color, glossy and vintage, rich textures, and stimulating patterns that balance boldness with simplicity, creating harmonious and exciting spaces. Discover our Leon Collection and Bricks Collection if you are looking for some colored walls


Green, Leon Collection from Groove Tiles and Stone.

Stone-Inspired Flair

Tiles that bring the authenticity of stone to life with a modern touch. If you are looking to infuse natural serenity into your interiors, consider stone-look tiles, such as the Unique Infinity collection, transforming your bathroom into an elegant retreat. The latest innovations include tiles that mimic natural stone, like the innovative Salt Stone Collection, inspired by rock salt formations, blending the contemporary with natural beauty in your interior space.

Unique Infinity from Groove Tiles and Stone

The Charm of Wood-Look Tiles

In 2024, wood-look tiles with enhanced design detail are the latest sensation. The beauty of wood finish combined with the strength of porcelain. The durability of porcelain ensures that Cortina Collections tiles not only look good but are also practical and sturdy. They are the perfect choice to add warmth and charm to any space. This trend blends the best of nature with functional modernity.


Cortina Natural, Cortina Collection from Groove Tiles and Stone

Marble Look Elegance

Immerse yourself in the elegance of marble with our stunning Marmoker Collection, offering a wide selection of highly sophisticated marble replicas in large-format porcelain. White marble with contrast vein patterning, adds an extra dimension to the walls and floors of this beautiful bathroom setting. Similarly, creates a sense of luxury with deep marble colours embellished with rich markings of silver and gold. With endless design options, Marmoker is the ideal choice for creating luxurious bathrooms in this 2024 year.


Stuart James Photography, Space Constructions, Hugo Design.

From Groove Tiles and Stone, we invite you to explore these tile trends that promise to redefine your spaces with elegance, innovation, and affordability. Step into a world where every tile tells a story of sophistication and style.