Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • Plenty of natural light
  • Natural materials like wood, metals
    and natural fabrics
  • A neutral colour palette
  • Steel, glass and chrome surfaces
  • Clean lines
  • Exposed structural elements, like
    wooden beams or concrete walls

Simplicity is Key

The best starting point is to choose your colour palette carefully. Use neutral shades like beige or black as your base and then combine design elements in grey, white, and silver. While minimalism is key in any modern interior, the look should not be clinical or stark, so don’t be afraid to use warm neutral shades, like ivory, stone, cream, matte charcoal, or even a subtle mauve or earthy red. Natural shades like green, brown and turquoise can also work in a modern space, but use these in moderation to maintain your minimal aesthetic.

One of the popular elements of modern design is to incorporate earthy elements into a space. Consider finding ways to use wood, stone and leather in your home and combine these with concrete and steel surfaces. When it comes to décor elements, modern design is all about function. That said, it’s perfectly acceptable to incorporate some art into your space. A single piece in a minimal frame makes a great feature, while a small of series of artworks on a large wall can also work.

Embrace the Light

Keep the colour of your walls neutral, and make sure that your open spaces and counter tops remain free from clutter. You’ll want to avoid unnecessary knick-knacks, but statement pieces can work well to create a focal point — play with mirrors or interesting lighting choices to add some flair to your home.

In terms of architectural style, the modern look works best in an open-plan layout with plenty of natural light. Open spaces help to eliminate the need for unnecessary structures, while concrete, steel and glass elements add interest to an interior. To complete the look, opt for furniture with clean lines and a minimal aesthetic. Try and avoid bold prints, and choose plain, natural fabrics that work well with your colour palette.

Get the Look

If you would like to create a sleek modern look consider our large format Wide collection. The range consists of Steel, Lead, Carbon and Olive, all colours that work nicely in a modern styled home. The subtly shifting light effects of the surface and the carefully arranged scratching and shading effects bring a modern expression to the material.

Marble and stone also make a great addition to a modern home, and our Marmoker collection of luxury tiles is made from porcelain stoneware to reflect the essence of precious quarried marble. The tiles can be used for both internal walls and floors, and are available in 34 colours, as well as matte and polished finishes. Our Stone Studio collection is also an ideal option if you’re looking to incorporate some natural materials into your interior. The porcelain stoneware line can be used for internal flooring and is available in a range of colours and sizes.

Block, Stick and Dot tiles from the Chic collection in black and white are also a good option for the modern design kitchen. There are several shapes and sizes including flat profiles and 3D designs each forming a unique wall feature.

Wide Carbon

Chic Block II