Mid-Century Modern

Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • Clean lines
  • A focus on functionality
  • The use of natural materials
  • Bold pops of colour

Go for simple forms

When it comes to getting the look right, it’s a good idea to start simple. Choose a few key items so that they can really star in your space. Don’t clutter your home, but opt instead for furnishings with clean lines and the potential to make an effective statement. Décor elements should have simple or geometric shapes, often with an emphasis on function. Mid-century modern furniture tends to be quite minimalistic, but it’s perfectly acceptable to mix shapes and sizes to create some visual interest. Combine different heights, for example, to keep the room visually engaging.

Bold splashes of colour work very well in a mid-century modern space — think shades of red, berry hues, olive green, turquoise, gold, white and bold blues. Balance bright statements with a neutral base to keep the look up-to-date. If you prefer more muted tones, try pale pink for a look that’s on-trend and pretty.

Use Natural Materials

Mid-century modern spaces often have natural elements incorporated into the look. If you can, make use of natural light as much as possible, and find ways to blend in materials like wood, metal and leather, as well as textiles like cotton. Grey and light wood are popular choices within the mid-century modern look, while touches of metallic add a bit of luxury to the space.

Get the Look

A great way to bring some natural elements into your space is to opt for wood-look floor tile.  Our Ephedra collection has the appearance and character of light and dark natural woodgrain, and is a popular choice for creating a 1950’s styled home. It’s available in matt and grip finishes and can be laid in an array of patterns including herringbone, chevron or brick bond.

Our Chic collection also works well in a mid-century modern space. The range of tiles in this collection are ideal for those looking to bring a graphic, geometric pattern into their home as a feature wall, backsplash or as a bathroom tile solution. The tiles have been designed so that any of the pieces in the collection can be combined, no matter the size or shape. This means that you have the freedom to create a pattern that complements your design elements.

A range of floor tiles that works very well within a mid-century modern space is our Chevron collection. The range of wood floor patterns is reminiscent of the old wood parquet flooring, with slats arranged in sophisticated designs.

For a bold pop of colour, you might consider an option like our Manhattan Lifestyle collection in a striking shade of blue-green. We also offer a wide range of decorative tiles that can be used to incorporate colour and texture into your space.