Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • A neutral colour palette
  • The use of natural materials like wood, stone and metal
  • An open layout
  • Exposed structural elements like brick walls and pipes

Use Warm, Natural Hues

Colour does not form a big part of the industrial look. Rather, a combination of neutral shades works together to create a style that is both sleek and warm. Rather than stark black and white, choose a range of brown hues as your dominant shades. You can then use other neutrals to add texture and layers to your look. If you choose to add some colour to your neutral colour palette, consider dark tones that will blend well with your space and complement the overall look. Tones like burnt orange, burgundy and dark greens and blues make good accent colours.

Natural materials are often an important element in an industrial style space — think stone, wood and metal details. Exposed brick walls, industrial-style lighting, and concrete flooring are also popular focal points. Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new to create a visually interesting juxtaposition. Wood and metal, for example, make a great combination, while chrome details can be used on light fixtures, counter spaces and even pieces of furniture. When it comes to choosing décor elements, go for utilitarian-style furnishings and antique pieces. Stick to materials like wood, iron, steel, copper, stone and aluminium to keep your look consistent with the industrial aesthetic.

Maku Dark 75×300
Earth Dark Grey
Eureka Moka

Add a Personal Touch

Try to make sure that your space is free from clutter and keep design accessories to a minimum. To add a unique touch, opt for a few interesting décor items, like vintage photographs, old-fashioned lighting fixtures, a distressed leather couch, or items you pick up at antique shops, yard sales and second-hand markets. These items offer the opportunity to show off your personal style and interests within the industrial aesthetic. You can, of course, choose to adopt a vintage look within the industrial style with rustic pieces, or go in a trendier direction with high gloss and chrome details, depending on your personal preference.

Get the Look

To really embrace this trend, consider our Urban Avenue collection. Inspired by the raw elements typical of loft apartments and industrial buildings, the tiles are made from porcelain stoneware. They’re available in a range of neutral tones, including shaded beige, dark copper and washed grey, all of which are ideal for creating a vintage or edgy urban look.

Another great option for incorporating some texture and warmth into your home, the Voyager collection is reminiscent of some of the architectural elements of the past and inspired by the journeys of ancient explorers. The tiles work well for both internal walls and floors, and are available in a range of colours, including grey, rust and white.

The Earth collection is also a good fit within the industrial aesthetic. The tiles are available in cool grey tones that reflect the raw concrete reminiscent of old warehouse and factory floors.

To bring in some wood-like elements, you might consider the Treverkh Home Timber collection. It’s an Italian collection of porcelain tiles that provides a stunning, realistic natural timber look without the worry of scratching or maintenance.

Voyager Dark & Ceiling Mix

Urban Avenue Copper