French Country

Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • A rustic, old-fashioned aesthetic
  • Rusted metal furniture
  • A warm colour palette
  • Raw materials like plaster walls and wooden beams

Choose a Palette

The first step in achieving the French country look is to choose your colour palette. It’s a good idea to start with a neutral base in every room — ideally go for a shade that is warm, like a cream, tan, or even a soft yellow. You want your space to feel casual and comfortable, with a hint of the refined. Once you’ve decided on your neutral palette, choose your accent colours with the traditional roots of the aesthetic in mind. Good options include earthy, rust shades and antique off-whites. Soft gold, yellow, dark green, and cobalt blue also work well.

Incorporate colour and patterns with the use of printed fabrics — checks, stripes, florals are all good options. You can also opt for designs that incorporate French country products and motifs, like lavender, roosters, flowers, and farm produce. These work particularly well on linen tablecloths and cushions. One of the best things about the French country style is that it provides plenty of opportunities to mix and match colours and fabrics, and you can really make the look your own.

One Cement
Organic Rug Smoke
Mansion Arcade

Focus on Materials

Natural materials like wood and stone are also key elements in creating the French country look. Rough plaster walls, wooden ceiling beams and woven furniture are all popular elements. When it comes to flooring, natural stone tiles and marble are both good choices. Architectural features often include stone walls and the use of distressed and raw wood. Colourful ceramic tiles also make a lovely addition to a French country home.

When it comes to choosing items of furniture, opt for pieces with relaxed lines. A distressed look works well in a French country space, as do simple and rustic items. Mix dark wood with lighter pieces and natural textiles. Ideally, you want to achieve a space that is casual and comfortable that still feels well-styled.

Get the Look

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