Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • A neutral colour palette that is often paired with pops of colour
  • Sleek lines
  • The use of geometric shapes and prints
  • Uncluttered, clean surfaces
  • Materials like wood, metal, glass and tile
  • An aesthetic that is constantly changing to reflect present-day styles

Colour is Key

Contemporary style makes use of some classic elements, but remains up-to-date with current trends. In fact, contemporary style actually takes elements from a number of aesthetics, often blending elements of modern, traditional and art deco looks. The design style suits those who like to keep décor minimal, but enjoy blending various elements with a small colour palette.

To embrace a contemporary look in your own home, start by choosing your colour palette. Neutral shades make a great base, and should ideally dominate your design. Black, white, grey and beige are all great option. Add pops of colour with accent pieces, artwork and other décor elements — you might even consider one bold wall as a focal point.

If you prefer neutrals to colour, crisp white and grey pair well with metallic and chrome details, while black and white makes for a bold, clean combination. Using texture as a design element is also a great way to keep your contemporary space visually interesting — metal, wood and tile all work well together, while chrome finishes and glass keep the look modern.

Autore Giudecca
Ecostone Tortora

Wide Olive
Autore Terrazzo Decori Capri
Ecowood Tobbaco
Ontario Blanco

Make a Statement

When it comes to selecting your furniture, opt for sleek lines, but don’t be afraid of making a bold statement with some of your pieces. Use natural fabrics like silk, wool or cotton to add some texture to your space, or opt for throws and cushions with geometric prints and a splash of colour.

Shape and lines are key elements in any contemporary space, so choose furniture in line with this principal. Mix sleek lines with elegant curves, and use a variety of shapes when you decide on the design of your space.

Attention to detail is essential when it comes to getting the contemporary look right. Pay special attention to your lighting, and consider bringing in some metal or chrome details. Stone and glass elements also work very well in a contemporary space.

Get the Look

If you’re looking for a wall or flooring option to suit your aesthetic, our Wide collection is well worth considering. The tiles have a contemporary feel — stains, cloudy effects and slight scratches add some texture to the plain colour or the slate, and give it an up-to-date look.

Our Chic collection also works well in a contemporary space, and is ideal if you’re looking for a way to incorporate geometric patterns into your home. The tiles have been designed so that any of the pieces in the collection can be combined, no matter the size or shape. This means that you have the freedom to create a pattern that works well with the rest of your design elements.

The Ecostone collection is also a good choice. It’s available in a muted colour pallet, including Bianco, Grigio, Sabbia, Tortora, Tobbaco and Piombo, and makes a beautiful backdrop in both floor and wall tiling in a contemporary styled home. Similarly, the Autore collection is rich in detail — the tiles are available in a matte finish, as well as a more reflective option that gives them a glamorous touch.

Ecostone Piombo

Wide Steel