Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • Simple elegance
  • A soothing colour palette, often incorporating neutrals, muted colours and pastel shades
  • Plenty of natural light
  • A mix of wood and natural fabrics
  • Ocean-inspired elements

Choose Ocean-Inspired Elements

To get the look right, start with a neutral colour palette and then add ocean-inspired elements. Natural, light colours work well with this style — whites, cream, blue, greens, and greys are all great options. Touches of wood will give your space a rustic, unpretentious feel, while pops of colour and even patterns work well if you’d like to incorporate a tropical style into your design. If you’re going for a more Mediterranean coastal style, consider incorporating some wooden elements, as well as terracotta, metals, and warm colours. For a modern take on the coastal style, a base of neutral shades pairs well with muted greys and aquamarine or coral.

Papyrus Pearl
Chevron Natural
Art Seurat

Use Your Space

Whether you opt for the American coastal look — think white and blue shades, nautical décor elements and reflective surfaces — or prefer a Mediterranean coastal style reminiscent of Spanish and Italian homes by the sea, it’s likely that natural light will be an important element in your home. Keep your space uncluttered to take full advantage of any open spaces, and choose pieces that work well with your coastal aesthetic.

While you don’t want to clutter your space, you can still have fun with your décor elements. Play with textures by combining and layering materials — wooden floors with woven rugs, for example, add visual interest, while soft elements like pillows, natural fabrics and throws will make your home feel comfortable and cozy.

Get the Look

When it comes to tiles, our Manhattan Lifestyle collection works well within the coastal style. Opt for the Manhattan Jean to bring the colour of the ocean into your bathroom, or try it in Pearl for a more neutral look.

Our modern and unique On the Beach collection is available in Spanish large format wall and floor tiles in a range of subtle tones and soft patterns that reflect the raw nature of the beach. This collection is ideal if you’re looking for a way to create some texture on your walls.

To bring some wood-like detail into your space, you might consider the Treverkh Home Timber collection, a range of porcelain tiles that provide a stunning and realistic natural timber look. The Ephedra collection is also a lovely option for those looking to bring a sense of nature inside — shaded colours, knots and grains enhance the true nature of wood on the ceramic surfaces.

Our Shades collection is reminiscent of the texture and shine of seashells and adds a beautiful touch to a modern coastal home. The collection of gloss white body feature wall tiles is available in pastel colours in both plain and embossed detail, and can be easily mixed with patterned wall tiles of the same colour, or blended with various colours to create a unique combination. The tiles make an elegant statement and work well as a kitchen splashback or as a statement wall in a bathroom.

Manhattan Jeans

Sfmature Azzuro, Fango & Grigio Perla