Asian Zen

Some of the key features of this trend include:

  • A soothing colour palette
  • Minimalistic lines
  • The use of natural elements
  • A balance of function and comfort

Consider Your Layout

When it comes to creating an Asian Zen space, it’s important to think carefully about the layout of your home. Open-plan living areas are ideal for the look to really work, while plenty of natural light also adds a nice touch.

Your choice of furniture should be fairly simple with a focus on clean lines and fuss-free design. Keep your space free from clutter and only keep furnishings that you really use. In line with its minimal style, there’s a focus on functionality. Consider investing in clever storage and pieces that celebrate simplicity, and remember that balance is key to getting this look right.

Go for Neutral Shades

When it comes to a colour palette, stick to neutral shades. Cream, white, and grey all work well, while light wood also complements the look. It can also be very effective to create some contrast within your neutral colour palette. Dark wood combines well, for example, with a backdrop of softer, calming neutral shades. If you choose to incorporate any accent colours, keep them warm to balance your neutral palette.

Embrace the beauty of nature by bringing in natural materials and textiles like wood, stone, and natural fabrics. Consider incorporating some plants into your space to elevate the look even further. Make the most of any natural light that you have in your space by leaving windows and glass doors exposed, rather than covered with heavy drapes.

Get the Look

Our Kasai collection is inspired by Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi, the traditional Japanese artisanal technique that works through burning wood, carbonising it to protect and conserve it. The collection pays homage to Japanese design culture and is refined and elegant.

For flooring, stick to a neutral shade. Our Osaka collection is a good option — it provides a natural stone look, and is available in two soft colours, including white, grey as well as Marengo which is a little darker. The large format is perfect for open space living areas, while the smaller variation can be used for bathroom floors and walls. A wood-look floor also works well in an Asia zed space, and our Treverkh Home Timber collection is a good option. It’s an Italian collection of porcelain tiles that provides a stunning, realistic natural timber look without the worry of scratching or maintenance.

To add a bit of texture to your otherwise minimal Asia Zen space, it’s well worth considering natural stone Granite. Our Granite colours range from white tones through to jet black and are available in a flamed finish which makes a popular choice for outdoor areas such as driveways.

Kasai Carta Sumarai
Kasai Fumo
Kasai Sakura Notte
Midnight Granite
Landscape Granite

Osaka Gris

Kasai Fumo & Kasai Fumo Take decorative feature

Kasai Notte and Kintsugi decorative feature