5 Tile Trends of 2020

Not only is it a brand new year, but also brand new decade! This fresh start is offering a sense of inspiration and whimsy when it comes to interior and exterior design, more specifically; Tile trends of 2020 is not only introducing some cool new trends, but it is also pushing up some of the top tile trends from 2019 even further.

Here are 5 prominent tile trends that you’ll be seeing a ton of this year:

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles have been popular for decades and are still a go-to classic when it comes to tiling. Originating from the underground subway stations in New York, these tiles are designed to express utilitarianism. A simple shape, satisfying layout, and glossy finish that’s pleasing to the eye and very easy to maintain cleanliness make these tiles super popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and pool houses.

Although the clean white subway tiles will continue to reign tiling in 2020, this year will see a lot of revamping subway tiles. There will be lot’s more experimentation with colour, not only on the tiles themselves, but also the grout between them. Grey or vibrant coloured grout will add more intrigue and emphasis to the style.

Speckled/ Terrazzo

Terrazzo means terraces in Italian. Terrazzo tiles derive from 15th century Venetian walkways. Marble workers in Venetia would use pieces of discarded marble slabs from marble production as a cheaper alternative to pave for their living surfaces. It didn’t take long for the intrigue of chromatic terrazzo designs to spread across to America, and now terrazzo is a design favourite when it comes to adding tonal range in a space.

This year, terrazzo is going to be a popular choice when combining high contrast greyscale colours into a space (black, white, grey, marble). It will also be a clever way to incorporate complementary and featured colours like rust, pink, and sage.

Natural colours

Australian décor and design continue to reflect on the natural environment surrounding the spaces. Especially during long summers of heat waves, it is always nice to keep things feeling fresh, bright, and airy. That’s why natural colours are dominant when it comes to the perpetual aspects of creating spaces down to the tiling. White, beige, and stone colours can never steer you in the wrong direction when it comes to tiles.

For those who are feeling adventurous, tile style is extending the ‘natural’ theme to the warm, dreamy colours of the outback. Rust, sage, and rose are becoming more and more popular when it comes to décor elements and now, they’re being painted on walls and incorporated into tile classic such as subway tiles and patterned tiles.

Sculptural tile trends

Sculptural tiles continue to make waves with tile trends this year, creating both dramatic or subtle features with their use on walls. Especially when it comes to adding interest to your bathroom, mudroom, or poolside architecture, adding texture to typically flat surfaces will change the whole vibe.

Some ideas include embossed tiles, geometric shaped tiles, 3- dimensional tiles and layers of natural-looking stone cladding. Keeping all of these in light neutral colours grounds them to more modern spaces making them cohesive with all colour palettes and keeps the space feeling fresh. Alternatively, choose a contrasting colour for a dramatic impact.

High contrast

As opposed to an all white palette, this year will start incorporating darker points of interest into the interior and exterior spaces. Adding darker elements can make a space feel more luxurious as well as more engaging for the eyes.

Some bold ways that tiles are going to incorporate more high contrast is with geometric patterned tiles in black and white or with a feature colour.

Some more subtle ways to incorporate contrast in tiling is with black elements in marble patterns or just by using a darker colour grout to define clean white tiles.


Have we sparked your creativity with tile trends for your next tiling project?

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